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1773 searchable surnames with relevant details.

A = Army, N = Navy
A = alive, D = dead and R = retired in Father's Status column.
A Mil = Army Militia
Nom = person who held nomination in his gift.
C against school indicates crammer.
C = Conservative, L = Liberal in Party column.

It is hoped that the other shorthand notes made at the time are obvious/interpretable and useful.

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IdSurnameFirst NameDateRegionSchoolFathers ProfessionFathers Status1st LordNomNoApplicant1Party1Title1Applicant2Party2Title2Applicant3Party3Title3Applicant4Party4Title4Applicant5Party5Title5Applicant6Party6Title6CommentsOutcome
21AldersonW J SDecember1880SE SolicitorAHunt 1Marchioness Salisbury                 Boy cousin of Sir G NaresY
22AldersonAugustus ENovember 1876NE Clergy Hunt 2Lady Salisbury AutRev Alderson Father             Y
23AldrichA W BApril 1868SE Doctor surgeonA  1Capt Aldrich Uncle                 
24AldworthJohnJan 1878SE FarmerAHunt 2Col Loyd Lindsay  Mr Aldworth              'no profesion crossed out and farmer substituted in pencil Also in pencil ,'father a farmer - Capt G 
25AlexanderH G HFeb 1881SE Clergy Ch ScotAHunt 1Mr FieldenC/L?MP                 
26AlexanderErnest VernonMar 1877SE A Ind MajorAHunt 5Miss Kinloch AuntHon Mrs Yorke  Miss Hunt  Mrs Smyth  Mr A Isted     Great nephew Ad AnsonY
27AlexanderE SinclairJune 1879Se N CaptDHuntLord Gilford1Col Alexander Uncle               Father died cold contracted in command of HectorY
28AlexanderFrancisMar 1868SE  A Mr Du Cane1Esq                  Y
29AlexanderHerbert R65 -9  A Col Sir                       Y
30AllenJames De VereAug 1869Ire    Capt Mackenzie3N Capt De Vere UncleSir J A Northcote MpMr E n Grenvile MP          Y
31AllenJ H EOct 1875NBC EastmansA Mil Capt  Mr Egerton1A Capt White                  Y
32AllenChas P65 -9  Clergy                       Y
33AllenbyR AMar 1875N Ind Mil CaptACorryHunt Mr Allenby Father               Col Of Regt recommends stronglyY
34AllfreyP SJan 1879W Ind JP WarwickAHunt 3Lady Abergavenny  Sir J H maxwell  P S Allfrey Father         A rels 
35Amcotts EWC 60 -67    Somerset                      
36AmhurstC H pSept 1875Mid Clergy  Sir A Milne3Lord Mahon Sir m Lopes   Cdr A P ArkwrightC Derbysh.MP         Mat uncle died wounds LucknowY
37AndersonF AlfredAug 1880E Engineer -Civ MechAW H SmithRemoved Sir C Mills BtC NorthallertonMPCdr.James Brown              Removed at request of Sir C Mills 
38AndrewsJohn M65 -9  A Col                       Y
39AnnerleyF D JNov 1877E N CaptRHunt 5Lt Col Annesley UncleAd A Farghar  Ad Ewart  Earl Annesley  Capt D'Arbon      Y
40AnnerleyW M1861Mar    Somerset 1N Capt Jones                   

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