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1773 searchable surnames with relevant details.

A = Army, N = Navy
A = alive, D = dead and R = retired in Father's Status column.
A Mil = Army Militia
Nom = person who held nomination in his gift.
C against school indicates crammer.
C = Conservative, L = Liberal in Party column.

It is hoped that the other shorthand notes made at the time are obvious/interpretable and useful.

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IdSurnameFirst NameDateRegionSchoolFathers ProfessionFathers Status1st LordNomNoApplicant1Party1Title1Applicant2Party2Title2Applicant3Party3Title3Applicant4Party4Title4Applicant5Party5Title5Applicant6Party6Title6CommentsOutcome
1AbbottThos F65-9  N Capt                       Y
2AbercrombieWalter DDecember 1872Jersey Civ Ser IndiaAGoschen 1Mrs Goschen                 Fam served with distinction in IndiaY
3AdairHenryApril 1873SEC EastmansA Lt ColAGoschenCapt Fairfax1Lt Col adair Father               A relsY
4AdairT B SNovember 1874SEChelseaA ColAGoschen 1Col C Adair Father               A relsy
5AdamsSydney HFeb 1881SE A CaptDHunt 1Lord H ScottC SelkirkMP               Boy orphan -ward in Chancery-grandson of Ad and neplew of Sir S Smith who defeated Nap at siege of AN
6AdamsErnest PDec 1878SE  AHunt 1Rev Adams Father               Father, cousin Lord Telford 
7AdderleyDE60 -67    Somerset                      
8AddingtonHon F C BJune 1873SWI of wightNRGoschen 1Lord Sidmouth Father                Y
9AddingtonHon H WMay 1873SW LandedAGoschen 1Lord Sidmouth                  Y
10AffleckPhilip B SEC Eastmans   Hunt2Lady Affleck Mother Mr W S Rose             Sen Nav RelsY
11AffleckEdmundMar 1868SeC EastmondsInd Corry 1Sir Father                Y
12AgnewA F VMarch 1879SE Com IndDHuntSmith1Mr R V AgnewC Wigtownsh.MP Uncle               Boy OrphanY
13AgnewS MontaguAugust 1880Scot N CaptAHunt 6Capt Agnew  Hon Robert BourkeC Kings Lynn Ad Agnew  Rt Hon Sir J Hay Bt. MPRt Hon Sir Ferguson  Adm Sir G Eliot KCBWar medals of fatherFlag Lt to Sir C NapierY
14Ainger Wm 65 -9  Clergy                       Y
15AinslieAlex WmNov 1869SW Clergy   4Sir A A Hood  Mr Gore Langton to Sir J Hay  Miss Warre writes to Miss Corr  N Capt Brandreth        GrF served American War 
16AinslieArthur W69 -75  Clergy                       Y
17AitkensP B1860 July     Sir H Leeke3Lord Talbot  Vis.Ingestre  M W Talbot MP          Y
18AkersC EFebruary1874SWNewark GrammarA Lt ColAGoschen 3Col Sir A Clark  Mr Hay  Capt Oldfield           A&N RelsY
19AkersGeorge EOctober 1875SEC StubbingtonA R EngAHunt 1Capt Oldfield                 Father India woundedY
20AlcockGeorge Henry N    Pak2Mr G eo HudsonC Hertfordsh.MPLord Adolphus Vane               Y

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